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Media Direct Portal is an Australian-based open publishing and syndication platform aimed at facilitating free, transparent and direct information flow and engagement between government, business and the community.

Amid the diminishing trust in mainstream media and alarming media oligopoly in Australia, the need for transparency and public access to accurate real-time information free from encroaching corporate, ideological or any other interests/influences has never been greater.

In addition to providing for transparent information sharing and democratic governance (engaging the community to contribute to policy formulation, assist government regulation, participate in program administration, provide evidence to support decision making and evaluate service delivery performance), a free flow of information between government, business and the community can also stimulate innovation to the economic and social advantage of the nation.

Providing the open publication platform to all stakeholders (governments, businesses and public figures), Media Direct endeavors to deliver unfiltered reliable information with no comment or interpretation directly from the firsthand sources.